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MSDE Not accepting Network Connection
-----Original Message----- From: Horkay, Robert Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 6:59 AM To: Conner, Scott Cc: Slaubaugh, Duane; DL - SQL DBA Subject: Configuring MSDE / MSAC (RE: Sa pswd msde whqbnwww06) Scott and Duane, The MSDE Instance used by MSAC (Microsoft Application Center ?) WHQBNWWW06 is now properly configured and setup. The sa password is sysmarvel. Sorry we couldn’t get to this yesterday it can get quite busy. Please remember to patch this instance of MSDE, it is currently not patched to any level ! Briefly what needs to happen with MSAC to accept network connections from outside it’s own machine with a sql server login is: 1. Stop the MSDE Services 2. Change the instance to mixed mode authentication 3. Configure the instance to listed for network connections 4. Re start the services (remember to include sql server agent for the instance) 5. Using a trusted NT connection that is part of the Administrators group (through osql), change the sa password: a. OSQL -E -S(local)\MSAC -q “exec sp_password Null,’sysmarvel’,’sa’ 6. Test from local machine a. OSQL -S sa -P sysmarvel -S(local)\MSAC -q “select @@Version” 7. Test from another network machine a. OSQL -S sa -P sysmarvel -SWHQBNWWW06\MSAC -q “Select @@Version” That’s about it. MSDE by default does not accept network connections and does not use mixed mode authentication, this is by design, by default MSDE is meant to be a desktop database, so these options are turned off. Bob