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  Sunday, June 16, 2024
bob's old VW Buses
My buses were just too much fun, my friend Mark Sgarlatao (aka Scarmungus) fueled my desire to purchase a VW Bus many Years ago.  I finally purchased my first bus, a 1969 sunroof bus in 1999.  Eventuall I purchased a 77 Deluxe Camper Currently I no longer have them, I've upgraded too Chevy Express AWD 1500; We have a 2006 and a 2014.  The buses had reached there limit of safety, comfort and reliability.  Nostalagia wise the VW Bus will always be an icon, but the van life lives on...

Links to Pictures of My Buses

1977 Westfalia Deluxe Campter
1969 Passenger bus with bus with sunroof