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  Thursday, January 23, 2020


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The Horkay Cook Book is a collection of recipes from various sources, It is available on line for viewing and additions, all additions and edits need to be approved by Bob, unless done by select individuals (the Horkay family and friends)
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Cabbage pasta noodlesKáposztás tészta Side Dish
Cambria Corn ChowderOriginal Recipe from Sue and Karl Olke. Modifications by Gene and Nancy Horkay. Soup
Candied Sweet PotatoesDescription Vegetable Dish
Carnitas BurritosGround Pork, Beef or Turkey... Main Dish
Cheesecake  Dessert
Chicken Paprikashpaprikás csirke. Bob's Version, to be Served over noodles, substitute Pork for chicken. Makes a moderate Amount. Main Dish
Choclate PuddingHomemade, from Pensys Spices Pudding
Chocolate Zucchini BreadRecipe from Penzey's Spices. Wonderful use for Zucchini. Dessert
Christmas CakeLast Minute Dessert
Coffeecake  Sourdough
Cole SlawCousin Arthur's Vegetable Dish
ColeslawCreamy Coleslaw - Recipe from Smoke Stack. Vegetable Dish
Corn and Shrimp Chowder  Soup
Corn and Tomato BisqueSeptember 2000 Soup
Corn Casserole  Vegetable Dish
Corn Pie  Vegetable Dish
Crab Dip  Dip
Crumb Pie Topping  Dessert
Culturefor feeding Sourdough
Curried Chicken Hawaii  Main Dish
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