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  Saturday, December 15, 2018


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A large blackboard, announcing in white letters to an enlightened public that there were 500,000 barrels of double stout in the cellars of the establishment, left the mind in a state of not unpleasing doubt and uncertainty as to the precise direction in the bowels of the earth, in which this mighty cavern might be supposed to extend. - Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers
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IBM - AS400
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select * from sysservers sp_dropserver 'KBARTLETTXP' Go sp_addserver 'RHORKAYXP','local' go -- SYSJOBS,;EN-US;q281642 /* If this is a SQL2000, you need to change the originating_server column in msdb..sysjobs table.Details here: PRB: Error 14274 Occurs When You Update a SQL Agent Job After Renaming Windows Server */ select * from msdb..sysjobs update msdb..sysjobs set originating_server = 'rhorkayxp' where originating_server = 'kbartlettxp'