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Good bread, good cheese and good beer provide a complete meal which the most elaborate menu can scarcely better. - Anonymous, 1934

OG = 1.050
FG = 1.011
(2) 3.3 lbs Dark Malt Extract
8 Oz. Malto Dextrin
4 Oz. Crystal Malt (60° Lovibond)
8 Oz. Roasted Barley
16 Oz. Black Patent (Hand Crushed)
1 Cup Karo Syrup (w/Vanilla)
1 Oz Northern Brewer Hops (bittering)
1/2 Oz. East Kent Goldings Hops (finishing)
1/2 Oz. German Tettanger Hops (finishing)

Irish Moss (1tsp.)
2/3 to 3/4 cup Corn Sugar to Prime
Wyeast 1056 or BrewTek CL-10
Directions: This Irish Stout is Dark and robust and full of black patent flavors.
Steep speciality grains in 2.5 gallons of water at 160° F for 15 Minutes. Remove grains and add Grains. Bring to boil add bittering hops, boil for 40 minutes. Add Irish Moss. Boil 10 minutes and then add finishing hops. Add water to get to 5.5 gallons of wort, cool and transfer to fermenting vessel with yeast.