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Spring Fornicator brewed...

  Spring Fornicator brewed up...

Not sure the name is appropriate for an Easter Brew, but it's definetly time to get working on those Lagers that take 3 months.

John Bull Marris Otter Extract 3.3 lbs

BierKeller Light Extract 3.5 lbs

12 Oz. Carapils Crushed Malt (mash 30 minutes 158, 1 gallon of water).

2lbs Clover Wildflower Honey (last 15 minutes)

1 Oz. Tettnanger Hops (bittering)

1 Oz Saaz Hops (finishing)

White Labs Zurich Lager yeast (swiss lager).

Standard 1 hour Boil and hopping schedule.

Not sure how the Zurich yeast will work, but it is a lager yeast and wanted something a bit different.  I expect this to take 6 weeks of fermentation (2 weeks primary, 4 weeks secondary) and at least 4-6 weeks of lagering in the refridgerator.  Plan on 1 week in primary at 50 degrees F, than cranking down to 40 degrees.  Will raise temp day before bottling to 55 degrees to "wake up" yeast, hold bottles at 55 degress and crank down temp every other day 2 degress until 45 degrees than hold there for 2-3 weeks and then work down to 40.

So long to wait...

Transferred 12/29/2007.

Bottled 1/19/2008 - Beer smelled great, sampled great, did not clear much at all, cloudy (protein haze from honey?), who needs clear beer ? I have a liver! 

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